How to set the environment as node.js?

How to set the environment as node.js?

Hi all, I’m pretty sure I selected the environment as nodejs when I created the file. But it still gives SyntaxError. The AI answered below.

The error in your project is in the file index.js on line 2. This error occurs because you are trying to use ES6 import statements to import modules, which may not be fully supported in the current Node.js environment. To fix this, you should consider using a tool like Babel to transpile your ES6 code to CommonJS, which is natively supported by Node.js.

Alternatively, in Replit, you can configure your project to use the “Node.js” environment, which should support ES6 import statements. To do this, you can create or modify a .replit file in your project and specify the environment as “Node.js” within that file. This will enable you to use ES6 import/export syntax in your JavaScript files without encountering the “SyntaxError: Cannot use import statement outside a module” issue.

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Are you sure this is an error, and not a warning? Both should work.

I should have added “type”: “module” to the package file. thanks

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