How to set python always on

i have turn alwayson button on already(hackplan paid)
when i change to another repos, then i reopen the repo agian, it stopped.
how and where to setup python project always run in server by himself

What you’re describing sounds like a Replit bug.

It does sound like a bug report, I’ve changed the cat of the post!

thank you very much, i am waiting the team to answer

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Hey @carterwu768210!

Can you send me the link to your repl so I can take a look?

It is a telegram addmember python.i start it at shell phthon

Thanks, I’ve sent this to the team so they can take a look

The team has let me know that the uptime of your Repl matches what we expect from Always On. If you toggle Always On off and back on for that Repl, does that allow it to stay on?

Always On won’t keep your Repl up 24/7, but it will wake the repl up when it goes to sleep, so a few short moments of downtime is expected.

when i toggle always on off, i back to repl,it will not stay on.
so i wanna know how to setup to be always running server. i have tried on node.js ,it works well. but when it is python, it can not run always.
but in node.js , i have express to hosting a html at frount-end . may be i should use flask in python as well , so that , the whole project looks like a web-hosting -server.
thank you very much

Note that always on doesn’t make the Repl stay on all the time without stopping. Your Repls can stop for a very short time and then Always On will start them again. But if your program gives an error, Always On will not restart it.