How to send embeds with a discord bot?

How do I create and send embeds with a discord bot?
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Embed can be a lot of things, what you want specifically?

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Embeds like the things made by bots.

Here’s a screenshot:

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Oh, like “stylishing” messages.

You can do something simple like:

embed = discord.Embed(title=title, description=description, color=0x00ff00)
    await ctx.send(embed=embed)

In the case above I used the embed to stylish my /help command, the embed in my case will take the title, description and add a nice color.

@bot.command(help="Show all commands available")
async def commands(ctx):
    title = "List of available commands:"
    description = ""

    for command in bot.commands:
        if != "help": 
            help_text = or "No description"
            description += f"\n**{}**: {help_text}"

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