How to see account creation date

I want to know when my account was made for funzies. I tried element’s User Info Repl but it didn’t work, even with some tinkering and just running the and feeding it my username, I still got an internal server error. How can I actually do it? If it requires moderation for alla that, I feel like they should just add it to profiles, cuz im just wondering. I’m just making that one request.

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Try to run this in your browser console: __REPLIT_REDUX_STORE__.getState().user.userInfo.timeCreated

I saw that ReplTalk article and it does not work. That’s why I was more hopeful for GraphQL.

hm… you can’t remember?

Remember what? What do you mean
Oh, when I made the account? No, it was me just wanting to do fun code stuff.

remember when you created your account

try running (forking first, bc 1. deployments and 2. the owner forgot to run cors repl) and

e.g. mine was created early 2020

EDIT: I can’t run my own repls anymore was about to look it up for you ( dns lookup failed). can’t believe that replit would make this change and let us rot in this mess.

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Did you do

I don’t get this, they both lead to no site

yeah, i did do (clicked on the open in new tab)
also, I meant, and

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Still can’t figure it out. I forked both but idk what to do now.