How to run my HTML CSS JS code 24/7?

Question: Whenever I share my code’s webview link that shows this repl is currently not running, please help me to run my code 24/7.

Repl link:

code snippet

Hey @CodeHridoy!

To keep your Repl’s always running you can use Deployments. If it is plain HTML, CSS, JS you can use a Static Deployment it does require you to hook up a payment method and you pay if you go beyond your egress limit. If it has a backend too (Flask, Node.js, etc) you should use Autoscale Deployments, you can pay for Compute Units/Flexible Units to keep up your Deployment or use the Core Plan to get them for free. You can also pay extra or use Flexible units through the Core plan to use a Reserved VM Deployment which can also be used for Websites and Bots I hope this helps!


Isn’t there any other option to run my code 24/7 not via buying a custom domain but through my link?

Sorry, you can’t, the domain is purely for development and can only be viewed while in the editor. If you aren’t able to use deployments I suggest switching hosting providers, Vercel provides free hosting and you can import GitHub Repositories to do this. Or you could try Glitch for just HTML, CSS, JS. Also Deployments don’t buy you a domain you host the Repl, it goes from to, you can add a domain separately once you Deploy if you use Replit. I hope this helps!


I would check out this tutorial that lets you easily sync your Repl with a free hosting provider. The domain would be though. If you want a more custom domain you can DM me for one.


You can host a website for free on replit if you attach a payment method, then go to deployments > static deployment.


Not for me. It also asked me for phone verification and it didn’t even take my number.

Well, it worked for me, by just adding a valid credit card.

Maybe you should contact support.

Are you using a virtual phone number? Replit does not work with those.


So I need to pay more per month for a phone line than I could if I just bought Core instead? :person_facepalming: