How to run commands as root

Sometimes there are commands that only work using sudo or by being the root. The only way I know how to run commands as root is by using sudo, but it doesn’t work on Replit, because it’s in a container.

I know there are some projects on Replit that have root access. IDK if it’s allowed but I think it is. Here is a repo link: GitHub - techcode1001/replit_root: This is how to get root permissions in replit.

There are also project links on Replit but I’m too lazy to search for it I can’t find it.

@Bedrockminer Keep in mind this solution will only work if the program only has problems with directory permissions.
proot is not actually root, it merely makes the programs think they are in an isolated filesystem. If the errors you get aren’t file permission related then this solution won’t be able to help you.
There is no way to get access to actual root in a repl.

You can’t get actual root access because your using Replit’s machines virtually, having true error access would be a security risk.