How to run code in console using gcc pro.c, but here not able to run any code in console

how to run code in console using gcc pro.c as given snap, but here not able to run any code in console.

when I was using replit earlier there able to run cmd in console but now a days not able to run cmd in console.

Welcome to the community! Instead of the console, use the Shell. It can execute the same commands as the console.

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yeah, in shell able to run but console i want to run for better experience. any chance to run cmd in console.

This feature is known as Prybar. It lets you run snippets of the language in the console.

First of all, try running the project first and wait for it to execute. It should let you use the console once the program finished executing.

If it still doesn’t let you, then ask Support or someone else to make a C with Prybar template. (Though I would be surprised if C did not have Prybar)

You could open the “Shell” tab, and then drag the tab button down into a new pane so you can view it alongside the Console and the code.
Or, since what you want to do is run different files, you could also use this:

Or you could try and modify this script to work with running C. You’d probably have to replace .replit with Makefile, and modify this regex (which looks for the position in the file where the file to run is specified)


This method is not working. even after changing the .replit file and makefile also in hidden file.

oops. I’ve edited that post now. Try that

There’s no difference in speed. I would recommend just using the shell.

Console was never really meant to be the shell.

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