How to report phishing scams on repl?

They increase massively, always the Amazon phishing crypto scam but I know people who fell for it and I want to work against this in all possible ways. repl though has no real way to report these as far as I see? I need the most fast and efficient way to take down hundreds of such URLs and also repl should use some AI detection or whatever to stop similar content to appear here, it is just a paradise for scammers…

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Hey @sakasddk welccome to the forums!

You can report repls

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unless the repl is private, append /__repl (like to get to the repl to report.

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I’m 95% sure it works on deployments…

you could flag a repl for review and/or email replit moderators/staff. They are usually pretty quick removing a repl if it violates the community guidelines.