How to replace text in replit phone

So, I have been trying to replace multiple texts with the same words and stuff in phone, I lost my pc, and in have been coding with my phone, and I don’t know do can replace texts in phone, I really need some help

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I would recommend you to install the replit app for this

If you are on the app, first:

  1. Select any occurance of that word to replace. (You can use the replit provided cursor for it.
  2. Click on the selected text
  3. A menu should popup. Select the action of replacing!

Alternate: (only if you have ctrl key on phone)

  1. Do ctrl+F either in app or web
  2. Find the word to replace
  3. Click “select all occurances”
  4. Either click on replace all button or just write whatever you want to replace (you will have multiple cursors which is cool)

Wow this is helpful, I didn’t even know i could this! thanks!

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