How to remove this line from my code

how can i remove this first line
 /nix/store/zqk3m21442kvpjwd3rh41wdavqkzkyik-python3-wrapper/bin/python3 $file

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/nix/store/zqk3m21442kvpjwd3rh41wdavqkzkyik-python3-wrapper/bin/python3 $file

The reason this message is showing up is due to a few new updates on Replit and is completely normal. If you would like to remove it, go to your .replit file and put the following code on line 1: run = "clear && python3".

Otherwise, if you’d like me to do it for you, just invite me to your repl! My username is RedCoder.

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hello , it is not working

@beatrizdeborah3 Please do so I can assist you.

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@beatrizdeborah3 Have a good day :slight_smile:
If you ever need any Python help, just invite me to your repl and I’ll assist you in any way possible.

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