How to remove the replit-sign of a website

Hi. Im Programming a website and i have a question. How to remove the replit sign of a website from your code? Its in the lower right corner, every time i open my Website in a Browsertab. Is there a way how you can manage that? Or is it completely impossible?
Screenshot 2023-02-07 134307
I´m glad about every help.

In index.html delete the contents of body

Hey @Ninjalp, thank you for your post and welcome to the community!

To remove the replit watermark simple delete this piece of code :

<script src="" theme="blue" defer></script> 
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Not all the contents, look a my solution!

Yep! Yours is better, deleting all the contents gets rid of script.js but thar what I do cause I just move it or what not. Either one will work :slight_smile:

Yes, your correct, but just to be more specific!

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Thankyou It helped very much.

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