How to reinstall poetry?

I am unfamiliar with poetry. I noticed there was a venv folder in Shell and assumed I myself had installed it previously, as I normally would have done locally on my own machine. So, I deleted that folder and everything in it. Then I tried to run a poetry command and to my shock and horror, discovered that actually, poetry was no longer installed in my project! Egads. How can I reinstall it?

Using this command from Introduction | Documentation | Poetry - Python dependency management and packaging made easy did not work:
curl -sSL | python3 -

Having to manually copy and paste all my code into a new replit project seems lame, given how sophisticated this place is, so… hoping to hear a cool solution :slight_smile:

Well… I think I figured it out… naturally, this brilliant :poop: :exploding_head: :nerd_face: :crazy_face: idea didn’t occur to me until after I posted a stupid question. That is how my brain works.

I’m not sure whether both these actions were necessary or only one was, but I:

  • Used Packages (IMAGINE THAT) to install Poetry 1.5.0
  • Attempted to run poetry at the command line (Shell); a message appeared stating I could install one of two options from the nix store; I installed the option literally just called poetry because that name provoked less cortisol than its more elaborately named cousin, Poetry234235qwrgadvadasaaasdadblah

At this point, I have achieved my goal of reinstalling poetry. HoOrAy
Now I have to figure out how to make it work with my project again… running poetry update isn’t going flawlessly so far. If I figure that out, I’ll update this answer in case someone else winds up this way.


Next time just do pip install poetry (i just tested it and it works)

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So… at this point… poetry doesn’t work and the python command itself is not working. After putting hours into it, my project appears to be totally destroyed, as in, irrecoverable. This is really frustrating!

Remember! Follow Max’s Rules(I just made up):
1st. STOP
2nd. REVERT(Using the History Button)
3rd. Respond to this for help!
I was waiting for a response form you, Then I got a BIG BIG BIG Brain idea!
You should TRY going to another repl. Download your REVERTED broken repl and upload them to a new one!

This is a good idea, but make sure you upload the .zip file and unzip it inside the actual Repl (unzip directory, it’ll tell you the command isn’t found and offer some versions, just go with the first) otherwise it probably won’t work.

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Right that is a good idea!

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