How to redirect from to new url

Previously I was using replit to host my html files, for which I used the url format

And now replit has integrated hosting with deploymment and the url for my html page has changed to

I need a redirect from the new url back to the old url (

can anyone help me pls.

Hi @oswenalumni , welcome to the forums!
You can’t revert back to the previous domain, this is the new one. It can only be viewed if the repl is being run in the editor.
What do you want to do exactly?

I create QR code with to let users scan it and open my HTML web application, So I want users to auto redirect to new url.

Hey @oswenalumni welcome to the forums!

If you want the new you will have to deploy. Otherwise your application wont stay awake unless you are in the editor. If it [Repl] is a bot (Discord, Telegram, etc.) you have to use a Reserved VM Deployment (it has 99.9% uptime), this option does cost the most starting at $7 USD (it is a monthly payment + the amount of traffic it receives). If it [Repl] is a website without a backend (Plain HTML, CSS, JS) use the Static Deployment it is free if you connect a Credit Card (if it goes above your egress limit you have to pay for traffic). If it [Repl] is a website with a backend (Flask, Node, etc.) use the Autoscale Deployment (you do have to pay for this one but depending on what you are doing it can be pretty cheap + your web traffic). I hope this helps!

thank you @SalladShooter

I have deployed my html code and get new url like and it work perfectly. but my point is I have QR-code of the old url like and if my users scan this qrcode, i want them to go to the new url

sorry for my English, I do my best to try to explain what I exactly want, thank you

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Hey @oswenalumni, you are unable to get the old links anymore. Sadly you are going to have to change all of the QR codes to the new link.

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