How to redirect for Cloudflare Oauth?

I am trying to use Cloudflare Template, here: I am able to deploy to Cloudflare using secrets as described in the ReadMe. However, when trying to run certain Cloudflare functionality, like AI, I am asked to login to Cloudflare to authenticate. Cloudflare provides a link to verify the account, which then redirects to localhost://8976 - the problem is that this is not the Replit project URL and localhost 8976 is not running! I tried to open that port in Replit, but still I get redirected the local host and not Replit. So I have no way to authenticate my repl with cloudflrae to run certain functionality. Does anyone know how to do this? Why isn’t Cloudflare picking up the Repl secrets, like it does when I run: npm run deploy? When I do that I don’t get any login request from Cloudflare, but yet for other things, I am required to authenticate via a login link which redirects to localhost?

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Maybe make a topic on a Cloudflare forum. That’s odd imo. It shouldn’t redirect