How to recover lost repls

Till yesterday 1st Feb 2023 all my forked and created repls where there on replit but as i open replit today all my repls’ were gone there;s nothing showing in here.

Go to replit, click on your profile, then click CLUI. In this screen, start typing restore-repl and when it comes up, click on it. Then you can type in the name of a repl you want to recover.

I did that too with multiple repl names but its not working…Thanks

Are you logged in to the right account? If you log in with Google instead of Github or vice versa (any identity provider, not just those two) you will have a completely separate account. Are you using the right email?

Use the Replit CLUI like SharkCoding suggested. Click trash, then view-repls. If the Repls are in the trash, that’s where they will be. I have a bunch there.