How to recover deleted files, if unsure of name


How to recover deleted files, If I’m unsure of the file name?

You could try getting the file names from browser history if it is available.
The urls contain the file paths for files you have opened (they are URL encoded so some special characters like spaces may look different.)

You can try what @NuclearPasta0 said, or if you have ever imported these files or used them in another file, you can look through that file’s history to try to recover the file name. Sometimes, I do that if I accidentally delete a file and forget the name, as browser history isn’t really a viable option.

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Unfortunatly, I don’t have my history from then, and it doesn’t link to nay files. Is there any other way I can do this?

I don’t think so, you will have to contact support.
See another related topic:

I managed to find the file names, but some of the files don’t have any history??

I think I’ve screwed up just a bit too much. I’m gonna leave it alone until replit support replies.