How to re-release a specifc release

Hey guys, I’m working on a Python package (final testing stages; look out for the Showcase!). However, I made a mistake in my file and had to release versions 1.0.3 through 1.0.7 with each fix, even if it was just a simple print() statement. Is there a way instead to replace 1.0.7 as 1.0.4? Because now PyPi shows a weird gap between 1.0.3 and 1.0.7. However, when I do this, it tells me that the filenames are already there (I yanked the releases, and only deleted 1.0.6) I read somewhere that you cannot go back, as the filenames are there, once it’s made. Is it true?

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Yeah, with how PyPi works, you can’t re-release any previously used version, even if yanked or deleted.


@Firepup650 Ok, thanks for confirming that!

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