How to put Sounds on browser?

Can someone please assist me I’ve been trying to search for a solution on how to put Sounds inside firefox. is there something that i need to do?

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Hello @jolosoliven16!

If you want to put sounds in a console app in Replit, you can do it with replit audio. Hope this helps!

do you have a guide for it? im new on using this

Here is the Replit Audio Guide:

So does this also help on virtual Browser?

Which virtual browser? Do you mean this topic: Easy Replit Browser/VM/Firefox Tutorial?

yes i mean that topic, How to add Audio inside firefox

Hmm, I actually don’t know. Perhaps you could ask on that topic.

I don’t think that module has sound support, but you might be able to if you see a checkbox in the bottom right corner of the browser. Check it and sound will work (but videos will prob be super laggy).