How to programmatically create a replit and invite a user

I’m making a website to teach programming to students.

I want a student to be able to click on a link to join the repl for the specific lesson.

I want to create a lesson and have the repl be created automatically with a template, invited user/user’s, and title.

I can’t find relevant documentation.

Here is the GUI for reference.

you need to use the replit api sadly, it’s been hidden from most people so just create a post/bounty and I’ll make it

Also, I’m aware I’ll need to use the GraphQL API of some sort but I’m fuzzy on the details.

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yeah it’s basically impossible to find it without being on replit for a long time, I can help you out tho (I specialize in it lol)

This is new to me. What is this?

to create a bounty:

otherwise, I’ll code something up I guess, I just recommend bounties because it’s builtin

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thanks, I’ll apply :smiley: oh man it’s in javascript ahhh I can still do it tho edit: do you have discord?

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