How to prevent "[interpreter]" from appearing in .replit file during import from Github?

I have a React/Vite/Express project on Github. When I import it to Replit from Github, this always gets appended to my .replit file:

command = ["prybar-nodejs", "-q", "--ps1", "\u0001\u001B[33m\u0002\u0001\u001B[00m\u0002 ", "-i"]

^ That bit overrides the start command I want (run = "npm run build")

So, in order to get the project to run on Replit, I need to delete the interpreter section from the .replit file.

What can I do to get everything to work immediately after importing, without having to make any changes in the .replit file?

Thanks in advance


In the meantime I’m satisfied with omitting a .replit file so that the user will be prompted to set a run command after importing.

It would still be nice to have the run command already set in a .replit file without the [interpreter] bit getting added and screwing it up.

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