How to play games on replit


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You can look for a repl that is deployed, fork a repl and run it yourself or program it yourself.


what you do is go to the search bar then you type what game you want to play and voila it’s done

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just click on the replit you want to pick

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  1. Assumes the game exists on Replit
  2. Assumes that the game works
  3. Doesn’t account for the removal of the Run button

so guys how do you play games on replit

Hey @anaysharma7 welcome to the forums!

You can Fork the Repl, by going to its page and clicking the Fork button. It will create a version on your account that you can run. I hope this helps!

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To be honest, it’s really stupid to have removed the run button on shared REPLs. Now you have to waste your storage to run the game, and what if it is bigger than the free plan’s account storage?

Note that I haven’t checked the plans in a while, account storage may be the same between them, but I’m not sure, and I don’t feel the need to check anyways

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