How to play audio in Python Repl

How do you play an audio file in a Python Replit?

I have the audio file and the main code. I’ve tried to import Replit audio, pygame, etc.

If you have any idea how to play audio in Replit let me know.


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Hi @NickyMaster44 , welcome to the forums!
Do you have the audio = true line in your .replit file?
Also, note that audio on Replit is known to be buggy and may not always work.


I think you are right. Replit is the issue. Do you have any predictions when the issue will be resolved.
Is there some sort of help center that I can go to?


Hi @NickyMaster44 !
Note that I don’t work at Replit; I’m just a volunteer helping out.
As for the help center, this is the place. The Replit Staff do actively monitor this forum, so they may respond.