How to open Replit iPhone app from another app?

I am so excited to know that there is an iPhone app from I used it and it is great.

I have created a mobile AI app. The app can generate source code in Python/JavaScript/Java/C/C++ and others. I have an idea. Is it possible for me to tap a button in my app and the system will automatically open Replit iPhone app with the source code pre-populated. Right now, I don’t know whether it is possible or not.

I remember that I can open Instagram iPhone app from my app. Technically, it is definitely doable. I don’t know whether you want to add the feature or not. One more thing: If you allow me to open Replit iPhone app, you also need to allow me to pass the source code and its associate language names (such as Python/JavaScript/Java, etc). Basically, two things that you need to accept: language name and actual source code.

Check out the web page: ios - Launch an app from within another (iPhone) - Stack Overflow


That sounds like you would need an API call to create a new Repl with the required parameters and pass it the source code.

An API does not exist to do this.

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Pretty sure what he wants could be done via a custom protocol handler, eg. replit://newRepl/html/?code=...

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Hi @LuisAFK which does not exist…

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Yes @IanAtReplit, that’s why it’s a feature request.

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Hey Everyone,
It is not possible to directly open the Replit mobile app from another app on an iPhone as iOS does not allow apps to launch other apps. However, there are a couple of ways to indirectly achieve this:

  1. You can use the “Open in” feature to open a Replit link in the Replit app. To do this, tap and hold on the link in another app, then select “Open in Replit”.
  2. You can also copy a Replit link, switch to the Replit app, and paste the link into the app’s search bar.
  3. You can also use a custom URL scheme, which is a way to open a specific app on iOS using a unique URL. Replit app has to support such custom URL scheme to be opened using that way.

It is important to note that these methods will only work if the Replit App is installed on your IOS device.

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