How to open a terminal whg it ere you can see code after runnin

how to open a terminal, where you can see code after running it?

In Replit, when you press the run button, the output will appear in the tab called Console.

The title contains a lot of spelling mistakes so I actually had difficulty reading lol

So if you can only see your code, you can click the 3 dots on the up-right corner of the (code) tab and click any of the top 4 options with the word “Insert” in front.
A new tab should be opened around the tab depending on which option you chose earlier, scroll down and
click “Console” for code terminal, as well as log outputs
click “Shell” for shell commands, normally you don’t need to touch this
click “Output” for screen outputs, usually used by webpage projects such as PhP or HTML

I hope this can help

An alternative to the previous solution, would be to locate the + icon beside your workspace tab window, then select whatever window you need.