How to make wiki posts

nvm wiki posts require TL3 :sob:

From this guide.

If you want posts of your to be a wiki flag it as something else and say why you want it to be wiki, then a mod will convert it


You should make this a wiki post so that users can freely discuss off-topic and on-topic matters, etc.

You just want the badge :rofl:

Edit: haha I already have it

But then it would be off topic and that’s going to be deleted.

All the guides should be wiki unless we forgot to make some of them wiki

Why are off-topic matters deleted? It makes no sense; users should be able to go off-topic occasionally as long as it is not excessive, or even create an off-topic category.

Its the rules.

I have brought this up before while talking to Ian (I think this was around 6 months ago) and he was against it since we have #off-topic in the discord

Also, @Iwillfollowu is def follow botting on the main site xD, so you should take action.

shouldn’t have said anything :sneezing_face:

Doesent look like it. Though if you truly belive they are follow botting please report and one of us site mods will look

It only has 100 following, doesn’t seem like it yet

I already saw it before they said something. I was doing a few other things first

When I first mentioned his profile, he had 100 followers; now he has an additional 20+; he is definitely follow botting xDD.



Signup Date:

@EarthRulerr , @not-ethan

Dunno, hasn’t changed in the last few minutes I’m checking it.


@Sky I asked about this internally. Can we please stop discussing this publicly?

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Oh there is still a possibility it is manual. Time will tell, Ethan will decide action if you make a report. I’ll file a on site report if it keeps going up too :slight_smile:

It is still against TOS. In any case, he’s spam following, which is completely against TOS, so I filed an on-site report to see what the staff thinks about his excessive following streak.

I marked a solution are you able to close the topic.

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