How to Make Python Repl Run Bash?

It does work mostly but not entirely for you see I now have your code because I found an exploit.

It deleted the files but not until I was able to read them.

you jsut have ultra fast wifi ig XD

but either way, how would I implement it in python?

Why not just make the code an .env variable?

I dont mean to be rude, but can you just help me fix it with the code I gave? This is proven to work and idw mess with it.

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what do i change to make it delete python files?

Your Repl is Python, not Node. So delete the ~ folder just to be safe.

You can also do

find /path/to/search -type f -name "*.py" -exec rm -f {} \;

to delete all of the .py files.

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So where it says

for file in $(find -not -path "./node_modules/*" -not -wholename "./" -not -path "./.git/*" -not -path "./.config/*" -not -wholename "./.replit"); do rm -rf $file; done

I change it to

for file in $(find -not -path "*.py" -not -wholename "./" -not -path "./.git/*" -not -path "./.config/*" -not -wholename "./.replit"); do rm -rf $file; done


Change the entire code inside the else statement.

Or you can just change it to rm -rf ~ which is safer and easier.

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Ok does it work? :pray:

Not in the slightest

Ok try it now XD.

I changed onboot to onBoot

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But I can see
And I can see files too. It was closer before.

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Ok try it now:

Firepup’s works much better.

I am unable to exploit it. This one I can view stuff via direct URL because it loads files faster than it deletes them.

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Isn’t it much easier to use an obfuscator?

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Yeah I just need to code from it :sob:

@Firepup650 :face_holding_back_tears:

Do direct URLs not work against mine? If so, which one?

also see:

The delete methods are not 100% foolproof obviously, but they are good.

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Yours is so good that I can only learn that there is a file called but I cannot read it or any other file despite my best efforts. It is invulnerable to the exploits I was able to use on Jay/python660’s thing.

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