How to make js console and code run side by side?

i cant make my code and js console run side by side when i click on the run button after writing my code the js console just closes itself then i again have to click on the tools icon to make it open please help me how can i make the js console just stick there ?

Hey @SurbhiBhandari1 welcome to the forums!

You can add a tab by clicking the 3 dots in the top right corner of your code tab then click Add Pane, then insert it wherever you like, finally type in Console. You should now have 2 tabs one with the code the other with the console. Hope this helps!

the console is not coming up on searching
and the console red circled is not sticking there…
is there a way?

@SurbhiBhandari1 oh, yeah for that you have to do it every time. I though you had just a JS Repl.

ohkay but its too much work!!! :smiling_face_with_tear:

@SurbhiBhandari1 you can make a Feature Requests for this to make it easier.