How to make Code and Console windows display side-by-side?

I can select/display the Code or Console windows alternately. But I wish to have both display simultaneously, side-by-side. How2?

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You can add a pane by clicking the 3 dots in the corner of your code view and type in Console and add it. Hope this helps!

Thanks SalladShooter. Let me clarify - I am able to open Console, but I want the Console window open adjacent to the Code window, not overlaying it. I’m following a Udemy “100 Days of Code” tutorial. The instructor’s Replit has the Code window and the Console window displayed simultaneously next to each other. My Replit version has [Code]>[Console] tabs which, when selected, alternately display either the Code window or the Console window, but not both. How2 make both display at the same time, side-by-side like the Udemy instructor’s?

@stevenbennett3 open the pane on the right or left side (they are buttons). It will put them side by side.


You can drag tabs and panes around the workspace and make pretty much any layout possible.


Ah-ha! So in Code window, click “…”–>AddPane–>Insert Right–>select Console. Thank you!

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Clever. TY for the tip!

@stevenbennett3 since my reply fixed your problem. Can you mark it as the solution so people know how to fix a similar problem in the future?


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