How to make an account system (php ig)

help me

idk how to use php so i cant write an account system for my game sharing website website

oh, I could help! Welcome to the community! Do you have a repl for that?

yes, i started on github but then i founs out that it has no server-side lauguanges

Yeah, umm I guess you have to invite me to the repl. This should be moved to collaboration.

uhh I thought it was node. I’m better with node

oh, i have node copy

could you share the invite link to that?

uhh, could you click the invite button in the repl and share invite link?

also, it’s p5.js . make a nodejs repl

wait for approval, i didn’t use p5.js

Hey @GottenTime1681,

please don’t share Repl links in posts, but you can do it privately!

@GottenTime1681 please stop trying to post Replit join links. If you don’t know how to share cover page links please view this guide How to share your code

Hey @GottenTime1681,

what do you exactly need help with? This could be :

  • The front-end
  • CSS
  • PHP

Or other stuff!

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php, an account system

Account system! Ok you could make users login with different services like :

  • Google
  • Github
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Replit

You can also create your own with a form! For this project, I recommend using the Replit Auth, if you search ReplAuth on the create button search bar you will see the template. To know more about PHP forms check this article in w3schools!

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The ReplAuth html template doesent work

That example isn’t a promoted template, I suggest using mine :

Your example is for python. As i mentioned, i use php