How to make a wiki using MediaWiki?

I’m wondering, how do I make a wiki using MediaWiki?
The docs are a bit confusing, and I can’t seem to get anywhere.

Whenever you want to try something big like building a wiki you always create a project plan in steps-by-steps.

So, a Wiki (using mediawiki) needs basically two things at first:

  1. A Host (A WebHosting or you local one)
  2. A predefine Domain Name (the name of your wiki)

After that you can start the installation, by downloading the latest release. So:

  1. Download the MediaWiki
  2. You can pretty much follow this page, uploading files (photos, documents, etc) using a FTP, creating a database, running the instalation script.

After that you can start configuring the settings and installing extensions.

Oh, once you installed MediaWiki, you can click on any red link or use the search bar to find a non-existent page and then click on “Create” to add content.

So arguably you can make a forum fron MediaWiki?

Well, yes you can but remember that MediaWiki’s primary design is for wikis, not forums.

So I think it would be better using a proper forum maker tool.

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It’s how I made this.