How to make a website

Make a website i am making a website for my own school to all staff and children comfortable for this website

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Welcome to the community, @khushwantlaxkar! Are you talking about a static website, or a dynamic server-backed website?

Static WebsiteEasiest

To make an HTML website, you can Create a new Repl and use the HTML/CSS/JS template option.

Voila! You can now code a static HTML website for free.

Server-backed WebsiteAdvanced

For websites with a server behind them, you might want to use a server template (such as the Flask (a pepper icon) or the Express.js Server template (a yellow icon).
You can find more info online, but a fellow member of the community might be able to help as well.
Good luck!


Hey @khushwantlaxkar welcome to the forums!

What kind of website are you trying to make (what are you trying to use it for exactly)?


  • Static websites are multiple HTML files that are already stored. If you have identical content on one page and it is changed you must change it on the other page(s).


  • Dynamic websites use server technologies such as PHP. After typing in a web address, the server will find the information and piece it together into a single webpage. When you update information on one page any other place using / containing that page also update. Another thing is that dynamic websites store their information in a database or other similar things.

Should I Use A Static or Dynamic Website?

  • Static websites are quick to make, usually for limited time productions, and only contain a few pages of the website.

  • Dynamic websites take longer to make, they can be more expensive to make, but they can save time on updating the website.

If you want to learn more about these types of websites read this article: Static vs. Dynamic Websites: What Are They and Which Is Better?

Personally I use a mixture of these for different purposes, I would suggest if you are new to coding try a static website first then you can incorporate server-based languages (Node.js, Express.js, Flask (Python), etc.) into the making of your websites later (If you want to learn these languages read about them here: Express.js, Node.js, Flask (Python)). Hope this helped!