How to make a Website that always embeds as an image when pasted onto discord

I am trying to make a website using NodeJS that always embeds into discord as an image no matter what the URL path is.

This means if I typed the website as ““ it would embed as the same image as if I typed “”.

I have tried creating a 404 image that is the image I want. I did this because I noticed if I upload an image to the site and then type out the name of the image I want on the URL path, it embeds properly. Creating this 404 page did nothing and the link still did not embed.

Hey, @me7474 welcome to the forums!

Can you please share a link to your repl?

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Do you want to get an image of how website looks when loaded, like a screenshot?

Edit: Is it onebox, what you need? Something like this:

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All that the replit currently is is a blank HTML project with an image uploaded into it.

I have an image I have uploaded onto the site. When you post a link that goes directly to an image file on discord, it removes the link and instead just shows the image. an example would be if I posted a raw Imgur image link. If the image ID was valid and it led to a gif/jpeg/png, discord would just hide the link and show the image.

I have gotten this to work on my site by doing “” I would like for the image to show no matter what the URL path is though, so if someone types “” it still shows the image even though that is not the proper path to the image.