How to make a Replit database public to everyone to use?


I’m using Replit’s database and I think I just found out that every user has their own database within a repel if that makes sense. I posted the repel to the community and I have it so when the user says something the bot doesn’t know to respond, the user can tell it how to respond. Once that happens, it will add the response and question into the database. This only works on a per user base and it’s not public. Is there any way I can make the database public to everyone so they can access the responses?

When I use it on my own, everything works fine. I just can’t use what my friend put in, and my friend can’t use what I asked/said.

I added filters and a ToS to the chat bot that will be enforced, not worries about abuse

If anything needs to be explained more, just ask!

Hey there! Go to your repl and go to the shell:

  1. enter python
  2. enter import os; os.environ["REPLIT_DB_URL"]
  3. copy this output (not including the quotations (')
  4. make a new repl and enter:
from replit import db
db.db_url = "THE_URL_YOU_GOT"
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I believe what they meant was that they want their db to be accessible by multiple users. What replit does it make separate db’s per each user.

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what, Because Replit DB is locally hosted, you can’t really share data with others unless you set it up to do so. By writing a flask or django application to return the data from the database, or by using the method mentioned by @bigminiboss.


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