How to make a Replit bot using GraphQL?

Question: So, I always wanted to do a Replit bot, so I registered it as @FrostyTheFurret and the only things I want the bot to do is to do something like the @gdaybot bot, which is reply to comments and change user info as in the repl

Repl link: My bot - Python Repl - Replit

import requests as http

gql_query = {"query": "", "variables": {"input": {"firstName": "Frosty", "lastName": "⠕", "bio": "I'm a bot! I can't entertain ya with frosty stuff, get it?"}}}
headers = {"Referer": "", "X-Requested-With": "FrostyTheFurret"}
req1 ="", json=gql_query, headers=headers)
print(req1.status_code, req1.text)

Hi @RixTheTyrunt thanks for your question. I don’t think there is anyone here who can answer this for you. Have you tried posting in the Discord group too? There is a large userbase and a channel specifically for bots, although these are mostly Discord bots.