How to make a repl page redirect to a non repl page?


Hi, im trying to make my replit page redirect to a different website than replit.
Is this possible?

Also i do have a domain that i can use for the site if needed

Welcome to Ask! This is easy to do in several coding languages. Since you chose HTML/CSS/JS as your category, I will provide information on how to do this in static HTML.

Simply add this to your webpage:

<meta http-equiv="Refresh" content="1; url='" />

Here, 1 is the time, in seconds, until the page redirects. is the page being redirected to. You can change this to whatever you want.

For more information, read How to Redirect a Web Page in HTML


Can you elaborate on your question? All web Repls come with the domain [repl name].[username] by default (unless you’re using deployments, in which case I believe you have more options). You can use your own domain if you like instead.


Thank you!
I’ve got another question.
I have an image hosted on my repl page and if you go to the source of that image in my case its (its an inside joke with my friend)
is there any possible way you could make it redirect from that link to another website?

Probably not (unless you have a backend). What you could do is make a page containing nothing but that image and then add the code I provided to it.

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