How to make a new branch in Github?

Hello everybody! I am trying to make a new branch in Github but somehow i dont know how to start. I watched some tutorials but couldnt figure it out.
Does anybody know how to do this?
My homepage is like this at the moment on Github, But dont know where to click for the new branche:


I’ll get screenshots when I can, but you’d need to open a Repository to add the branches to before you can add branches.

I did click on Repository and then to the team that im working with and then i got this page. I saw somewhere that you need to click on issues here or codes one of the two or something else?

If you click on the 4 branches text there, it should take you to a page where you can add a new branch in the top right.

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Ah okay, I clicked on those 4 branches and then i clicked on a gree button that said ´New branche´
After clickin on it i got this screen here, where it also says main under it and source. What does this mean? If you know?
And should i better than let it on the main

The top field there is for whatever you want your new branch to be called, and the source is for which branch yours should be based from.

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