How to log into my teams for education account in a org?

I wanted to login to my teams for education account that i created in a org but it just says Something like “You have created a account without a password use the reset password” but it did not let me put a email address

Hey @iceylogo welcome to the forums.

This problem could be a bug on their side, but have you tried to login on another device to see if it is your account that is the problem? Hope this helps! Have a great day :grinning: !

Well it didn’t give me the password option so i cannot set a password.

If you have the email of Teams for Edu you could email them your problem to see if they are able resolve it.

No i’m the owner of that team so i should be able to set a password of email but no

Hey @iceylogo!

I apologize for the confusion with the error. If you go to, that should allow you to reset your password and should fix the issue.

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