How to learn programming Quickly?

It seems like there’s always something new to learn in the world of computer programming. Regardless of where you are in your computer programming and coding education, going the extra mile will ensure you have all the knowledge you need to succeed. Check out these seven tips to help you learn how to become a computer programmer faster and more efficiently.

  1. Focus on the Fundamentals
  2. Learn to Ask for Help
  3. Put Your Knowledge into Action
  4. Learn How to Code by Hand
  5. Check out Helpful Online Coding Resources
  6. Know When to Step Away and Take a Break from Code Debugging
  7. Do More Than Just Read Sample Code

This is huge. Nobody knows everything and especially when you are learning the basics countless people are able to help you understand wether its just explaining stuff in different words or showing examples.

Another big one is use google. Many beginners (my self included) when we first started thought programers knew everything and never used google. But some days we spent more time googling then actually codinfg.


50% of programming is knowing how to google and ask the right questions and adapt other people’s solutions to suite you.

(I have a love-hate relationship with Stackoverflow. When I was very new to programming, I challenged myself with some simple projects I came up with. I got stuck at one point and asked a question on Stackoverflow, immediately my questions gets downvoted and hidden and I was like aight I’m out and deleted my account lol. I just use other people’s questions that come up in Google searches now… Great place for coders, but the community can be very harsh.)


That’s why replit ask is the best community when it comes to helping beginners, I’ve faced that stackoverflow experience myself. Even googling isn’t easy for beginners. Best way to google is to summarise the problem in a line, longer the search query worse are the results.

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You Can Get Some Codes From Youtube Or ChatGPT And Explain Every Code Function In The Project And, By This Way, You Can Explain The Programming Language Faster.

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