How to keep student accounts from engaging with other users


I am teaching computing at a school for students age 11-18. The senior management team has very strict policies on social- they don’t students to be able to approach or be approached by other people on accounts the school gives them.

Is it possible to enforce this in Replit? I notice I can set up accounts without email addresses- this will be important for the school. But once I give an account to the student, it looks like the student can engage with others through the Replit Community.

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Hey, @DalstonHal welcome to the forums.

This is possible if the account does not exist yet. Read this help article:

Hi @DalstonHal!

Students added in privacy mode can view Community (we think there are some great resources there!), but can’t post to it.

You can read more about student privacy here.

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Hi, thanks lena and Ethan for your responses. I tested a “student” posting (the “student” was blocked from posting as it was an educational account), and gave this data and your responses to the school. The school approved my request, and I have given my first class on Replit!


Woohoo!! Welcome to Replit :blush: Let us know if you run into any questions and feel free to join in on our Office Hours if you’d like live support.