How to keep Repl running 7/24/365?

Hi everyone,

I created a JS file that listens to the Ngrok webhook & once new data appears, executes the function.

So I need to keep my file running all the time.

I am using the Free version, and I didn’t deploy it anywhere.

Is it possible to keep the Repl running all the time? Because in current mode, it is getting stopped after couple of hours.


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Welcome to Ask! I’m not sure if there’s an ideal solution to your problem but here are some possible solutions:

1. Use a pinger to keep your Repl alive


  • Free


  • Probably will drain your Outbound Data
  • Not officially supported

2. Always on


  • Officially supported by Replit
  • Can be paid for in cycles or you get one always on Repl with all paid plans


  • Technically, it merely restarts the Repl as soon as it goes to sleep, so it’s still not 100% always on
  • Costs money

3. Deployments


  • Officially supported by Replit
  • This is truly always on with incredible uptime
  • Can be paid for in cycles


  • Very expensive
  • Not included in any plan
  • Filesystems are not persistent (meaning any changes made while it’s deployed will be wiped)