How to interrogate a replit file from another site using JS

Hi guys,

I just wanna say that I’m in marketing and not very good with coding , but I want to see if I can do this with replit

  1. I want to write all the functions I need to fetch and parse data in a JS replit file
  2. I want that data to not be available publicly … so is it possible with replit to have the JS files secured ? as they may contain some sensitive data
  3. the most important … to connect somehow from my website and send a variable to the replit file and then, retrieve the data that was returned ?
    Any help and details for a newbie, on how to achieve this are really appreciated … thank you.

Are you using nodejs?

@9pfs1 only JS in the head section of the website … btw I was thinking that I can pass a variable thru a GET request to the replit file and then to read it in replit and return the data

It’s impossible to safely hide sensitive information in a webpage as far as I know

@9pfs1 Let’s skip the sensitive part … is there a way to do the rest ?

I’m thinking that I might store all the data in airtable … but still I don’t know how to interrogate airtable via api from replit … but I created another topic for that.

Why can’t you just ask airtable? Will it bite you unless you interrogate it?

I see you don’t like the word , but do you have a solution or you are the english grammar police ?

I believe that that would be @QwertyQwerty88 .

I’m trying to figure out what’s not working for you

Good to know we have that also … for english lessons I will create another topic :slight_smile:

Now regarding the solution … maybe it’s something very common for you that’s why you don’t get my problem, but as I don’t really understand how replit works, I just want to do this

  1. parse data in replit - I know how to do it
  2. THE PROBLEM - how to get data from a replit file in a json format using JS ?

My newbie coding mind thinks this way

  1. to create a get function in JS while sending a paramater in the replit call …
  2. I parse it in replit … and how do I send the data in order to receive it in the JS function from the other website ? … just return it and that’s all ? do I need to add the data in the index.html file ?

maybe it’s very simple for you , but as I said, I’m new to coding and replit … so please keep this in mind


That may be slightly off-topic. What category will it be in?

You tell me … You are the “Champion” :slight_smile: … Anyway … I like jokes but from what I see you are more into jokes then into solutions … So, let’s not go too much off-topic … if you have a solution, you can add your reply , if not, silence is much more appreciated :slight_smile: than sarcasm or superiority :wink: