How to install new packages in replit

How to install new packages in replit ?

If you want to install packages from the Shell, that depends on the language. But Replit has a Package tab (you can see it on the Tools tab, it’s got a box icon).

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I don’t have package icon on my tab, But I have rest other icons !!!

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What language/template are you using?

is this the repl you are using?

If it is, you can’t install packages on a blank repl. Instead, you should do:
pip install packagename. You could also create a Python repl, and copy the files to it.

python : pip install < package_name >

node.js : npm i < package_name > or npm install < package_name >

ruby : gem install < package_name >

php : composer require < package_name >

go : go get < package_name >

rust : cargo install < package_name >


Yes, though I do want to add an addition to this though. Replit’s Python template is configured with poetry, so if possible, use that if you can.

This can be done with poetry add [dependency/package], and you can remove dependencies with poetry remove [dependency/package]

There are also a ton more commands if you care to use them, which can all be found in the documentation.


I am using node.js I dont have the package option in tools