How to install Frappe framework

Hi there

Assistance with installing frappe framework that has an interface (desk) that allow data engineers and accountants to design ERPs using tables

Is it possible ?

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Hi @Veera-AnbuRatne , welcome to the forums!
Can you try entering pip install frappe into the Shell?

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Hey Nate

Not a programmer - so couldn’t try anything - but this is likely the solution

seeking some assistance from a developer to deploy the sandbox

I’ll get him to try this

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If the instructions are not too long

Would be possible to provide steps - preferably a video walkthrough

End goal is to be able to use the frappe front-end called the desk


Hi @Veera-AnbuRatne , could you post a link to your repl?

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Hey Nate

Coder came back to me and concluded that Frappe (ERPNext) CANNOT be run on the servers ?

How long would it take to try and setup an instance on your end :slight_smile:

From an data architect standpoint - the frappe framework is game-changer and well worth the focus from replit to try and integrate ASAP (since the component parts are supported (python, javascrip and SQL)

All legacy and even cloud-based ERPs used in virtually companies can’t compete - primarily because their coding language is proprietary (fatal mistake)

Hi @Veera-AnbuRatne !
I believe you can install Frappe on a Python repl. You need to enter pip install frappe into the Shell.