How to install a module in python

I have a problem with running the code, when I run the code it gives an error that the module was not found. I would like to know how to download the library

Welcome to Ask! What language are you trying to add a module/package in?

in English, what’s up with that?

What programming language? (Python, Node.js, C, C++, C#, Java, etc)

I use the python, this is all

In Python there are 3 main ways you can add a module on replit:

  1. Use the Packager tab:
    Search for the module you need and install it from there.
  2. Use pip:
    In the Shell tab, run pip install module-name-here
  3. Use poetry:
    In the Shell tab, run poetry add module-name-here

thank you, you made my life easier bro

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Happy to help! If your issue is now resolved, please mark my post as the solution so this thread can close.

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