How to increase wait time for deployments

I keep trying to deploy my project but the deployment keeps failing with the error
“Waiting for deployment to be ready”. I know there is nothing wrong with my project because when I click “redeploy” it works usually on the 2nd or 3rd time.

This is very annoying because I have to reploy each one of my projects 2-3 tmes before it works. How can I fix this? Is there some sort of variable that I can change to increase the deployment wait time?

Perhaps the issue is not the wait time but rather an issue with your code or repl. Mind providing the link to it so we can take a look?


I don’t think it’s the code or repl because it works when I try it 2-3 times, intermittently. However here is a template of the code I’m deploying:

Hey there. It looks like you don’t set up a web server in your code, so you should use the “Background Worker” option presented at the bottom of the screen (instead of the “Web Server” option which is selected by default).

That is exactly what I am doing, I am using a background worker

Can you share a link to the Repl in a private DM? I am seeing a number of successful deployments under your username.

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Hey @lincoln-replit the problem is not that I cannot deploy the Repl, the problem is that it fails more than 50% of the time and i have to redeploy to make it work (without any changes at all). It seems that deployments are only working 50% of the time.

I will send a link to one of the Repls I’m having problems with, but there are many more like this.

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