How to increase console history length

Is there a way to increase the amount of history that’s kept in the console output? It’s cut off with no way to scroll further.


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I don’t think there is, this is something that happens in the actual terminal rather than just the one Replit displays, so the cutting off may not be because of Replit. But also, part of the reason text cuts off is to prevent having too much text being displayed; if you’re displaying that much text, your browser may become slow.

That’s the neat part, you don’t

Maybe you can select in the middle of the outputting and to pause it, and copy the top half, let go and continue until the end copy the lower half

Yep you can’t just extend the console traceback because

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Or use the less command like so:

python | less
cat /var/log/syslog | less
$(your_command) | less

Also, happy birthday @MattDESTROYER!

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