How to hide files

I want to hide a txt file like how you could hide a string by just adding to a key in secrets tab and when you fork repl it does not show in forked repl or maybe i can just disable forking so they can see the file in there forked repl

When you fork a repl the secrets don’t carry over.

Yes how do you do that with actual files though

you cant completly hide files. You can hide it with the .replit file but its still able to be viewed. And there is no way to disable forking

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is there a way you can add items to a environ variable without adding one manualy through secrets tab

I do not belive there is another way to do it unfortently.

cuz i want the user to be able to create thier own account in the repl without having to create a replit account and have thier passwords be secure so people can’t hack them

You can consider using the Replit database for this.

i honestly forgot about replit database That is a great idea

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You are a really good helper @MattDESTROYER I think the replit staff should give you leader badge and trust level Thanks for the advice

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Thanks so much, I do what I can :smiley:

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