How to have no space between string and variable's while printing

I want to have no space between text and variable’s when I print them specifically so I can have a “$” next to the variable when printed
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code snippet print("Your total is $", Total_Cost)
#I want it so when its printed there is no space between the string and the variable

Hey @RyanHill28!

You have a couple options (there are probably more!):

  • Concatenating with a +
  • Concatenating with an fstring (recommended)

When concatenating with a +, you need to make sure both are the same types:

print("Your total is $" + str(Total_Cost))

When concatenating with an fstring, the data types don’t matter, but you need to use curly braces:

print(f"Your total is ${Total_Cost}") # Notice the "f" in front of the string

I hope this helped!


Inside Python print statements you can also specify an optional separator:

print("Your total is $", Total_Cost, sep="")

The default separator is a space, so this is causing the extra space.

Another optional parameter is end with a newline character "\n" as default.


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