How to get the output plz help

i cant see the output why i dont understand

Hi @aqeelsyed , welcome to the forums!
Have you renamed the original file to something else?


@aqeelsyed, could you also sent the link to the repl and tell us what language you are using.

you can see here by joining

Hi @aqeelsyed, thanks for providing the link.

I believe that you are not able to see the console output because you are using the Python with Turtle template, which will automatically open a blank window. However, should still see that console output tab, and if you don’t, you can click the plus icon next to the tabs and search for ‘console’.

Also, there are a few problems with your code. Replace your existing code with the below:

name = input("What is your name: ")
print(f"hello {name}")
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thank you for your time now it is working

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Hi @aqeelsyed !
If your original problem has been solved, you can mark @SnakeByte 's post as a Solution.

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