How to get rid of Packager and Run Icons On Console Pane after running code

When I look at my teachers screen and others in replit, The screen on the left under Console looks different and has a lot of extra stuff that clouds the code input.

There is “packager” and “run” icon that takes extra space and then the code appears below it. How do I remove it so that it just says the code without all that extra wordage…

I think it is what someone referred to as Running Shell commands in the console. but I am unsure. I am currently using python…

Wondering if this makes sense to anyone and could possibly lend a hand. Thanks

Between “Console” and the “X” button (Console x), there should be a trashcan icon. click on it to clear the console. However, only showing the output is not possible right now. Feel free to make a suggestion over at Feature Requests!


Hey @zaahruq!

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I’m unsure if it solved the solution because I wonder if I am just asking the question incorrectly. It seems that allot of ppl are able to to what I am asking but at the moment think I lack the lingo to make it make sense.

From what I understood, python’s answer is correct. But if you’re still not sure about the question, you can always post a screenshot of what you’re seeing and expecting to see.

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On the screen on the left whenever she puts her code in the information just shows up on the right side without all the extra icons and stuff…

On the screen on the right , whenever I input anything the “run” and “packager” shows up and just kind crowds an already crowded screen. I was wondering if I could make the right side of my screen look more like the the screen of code on the left side… Hopefully this makes sense… Thanks for your time.

Unfortunately, that is a “feature” that currently isn’t implemented. You should make a feature request (but there might be an already-existing one) to suggest the change to Replit.

Yeah, that’s an old screenshot.
Like Python said, you can press the :wastebasket: trash icon to clear those, but more will appear every run.

To get rid of the Packager messages, you can add the line disableGuessImports = true in the .replit file.

How to open `.replit` file

You can access the .replit file, by first clicking on the three dots () next to where it says Files >, then click Show Hidden Files, finally open the .replit file.

Helpful Images


does it matter where i put it? i placed it here but it doesnt seem to work

It should be above the [nix] line.

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I still get the packager input, sorry I’m unsure of what I’m doing incorrectly.

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Try adding disableInstallBeforeRun = true just below the GuessImports line.


Thanks, This worked. I don’t know what GuessImports is but ill google it. Thanks, my screen is officially less crowded now.

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